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Talent Concept

We attach great importance to the construction of human resources and recruit talents from all over the world. Talents are the soul of an enterprise. We know that the selfless dedication and hard work of each employee is the greatest driving force for the company's progress and development. Our employees are a young and hopeful group, and we look forward to outstanding talents joining Zhengli with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity to meet opportunities and challenges with us.

There is no best, only better, and our excellent team will be even better because of your joining. We look forward to your attention, and Zhengli is looking forward to your joining.

New Media Operations

Job duties: 1. responsible for the daily operation and promotion of the company’s WeChat public number, WeChat video number, Jitterbug, Little Red Book, Weibo and other self media; 2. responsible for collecting information, organizing content, planning and writing original content, improving influence and attention, as well as tracking promotion effects,

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Job duties: 1、 Responsible for the sales of the company’s products in the designated area, to complete the sales task indicators assigned by the company; 2、 Responsible for the management and maintenance of customer relationship in the designated area, and establish a sound sales network in the responsible area. Job

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Weaving Engineer

Job Description: Fabric analysis, production order following, communication skills Job duties: 1、Responsible for the incoming sample analysis, participate in the incoming sample development work of the pre-trial sample review and sample review after the trial sample; 2、Responsible for the production and review of medium sample/big goods weaving process to ensure

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