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Cotton cloth


1: According to the different raw materials can be divided into color woven cotton, color woven polyester cotton, color woven medium-length imitation wool tweed, full wool tweed, wool polyester tweed, wool polyester sticky three-in-one tweed, bamboo gauze, lump gauze, etc. There are also a lot of color woven fabrics with silk and linen as raw materials.
2: According to the different weaving methods can be divided into plain woven fabric, color woven poplin, color woven tartan, Oxford cloth, youth cloth, denim, and khaki, tweed, herringbone tweed, wada tweed, tribute satin, small jacquard, large jacquard cloth and so on.
3: According to the different process characteristics before and after can also be divided into: color warp white weft cloth ( Oxford cloth, youth cloth, denim, labor cloth, etc.) color warp color weft cloth (striped cloth, plaid cloth, bed linen, plaid cloth, etc.) and because of the latter process of brushing, pile, wool, shrinkage and the formation of a variety of color woven plush cloth.

Material Characteristics

The color fastness is better because it is dyed yarn first and the color will penetrate into the yarn, while the printed and dyed fabric is usually peeled back to look at the yarn to find some places without coloring.
Small order quantity. No matter what yarn weave, density, pattern, color tens of meters hundreds of meters can also be done, but dyeing and printing cloth without blank to specialize in customizing very difficult, and dyeing and printing process will also limit small batch production.

Scope of Application

Its weavability can also be reflected in the weaving process of the fabric, and it can also be interwoven with other fiber yarns to weave various fabrics. The products have broad development prospects in modern clothing.