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24 Spring/Summer • Forum Activities | 2025 Spring/Summer China Textile Fabric Fashion Trend Forum Talks on Product Advancement New Force

The three-day 2024 Intertextile China International Textile Fabric and Accessories (Spring/Summer) Expo was successfully concluded on March 8th at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As one of the heavyweight events of this year’s Spring/Summer Noodle Accessories Exhibition, the “2025 Spring/Summer China Textile Fabric Fashion Trend Forum” will give a wonderful speech in the K149 Dialogue Textile Section of Hall 5.1! This season’s trend forum revolves around domestic and international trend changes and market demand, focusing on color, pattern, fiber, yarn, fabric, clothing, process technology and other aspects. Led by the “2025 Spring/Summer China Textile Fabric Trend” (referred to as the “25 Spring/Summer Trend”), it focuses on new trends in fabric trends on the basis of systematic professional research, and conducts intelligent collisions from multiple perspectives for product development, product planning, and production practice, Fully showcase the research results on the trend and classification of Chinese textile fabrics. The

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