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2023 China Textile Federation Spring Joint Exhibition will be opened on March 28

Spring is beautiful, and we are moving towards the new. In the spring full of expectation and leap forward, from March 28-30, 2023 China Textile Industry Federation Spring Joint Exhibition will gather five professional exhibitions, gather thousands of enterprises and products of the whole industry chain, empower the construction of modern textile industrial system, smooth the international and domestic double cycle, and contribute wisdom and strength to the resilience and stability of the global textile industry chain and supply chain.

By then, China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Spring/Summer) Expo, China International Apparel Expo (Spring), China International Home Textiles and Accessories (Spring/Summer) Expo, China International Textile Yarn (Spring/Summer) Expo, and China International Knitting (Spring/Summer) Expo will be in the same direction and with the same force, with 350,000 square meters in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), together with nearly 30 countries and regions around the world With more than 5,000 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries and regions around the world, they will start a journey of confidence and gain, anchor a new course and head towards the future.

Rally for Power

Activate new consumption with quality supply

The tide of the new era is surging, and the new journey is full of meteorology. In order to implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, the research and preparation of “Action Plan for Building a Modernized Textile Industry System (2022-2035)” has been launched. As the starting point of the new spring, this spring joint exhibition of China Textile Federation will integrate ecology, collaborative innovation, from the source of yarn to fabric, knitting, to the terminal garment, home textile, to develop new products, new technologies, new trends, new ideas, new industry, to stimulate new supply and activate new consumption.

The intertextile Spring/Summer fabric and accessory exhibition, taking the terminal consumer goods category as the starting point, set up 13 professional exhibition areas and 39 sub-categories around formal wear fabrics, fashionable women’s wear fabrics, casual wear fabrics, functional/sportswear fabrics, etc., and enabled 6 exhibition halls, gathering nearly 3,000 high-quality fabric and accessory suppliers, moreover, there are new technology innovation space, digital fashion innovation space, sustainable innovation zone, and There are also new technology innovation space, digital fashion innovation space, sustainable innovation zone, fashion trends and other special display areas, which together bring high-quality, diversified, fashionable and sustainable product trends and industry style.

Based on the demand for quality, personalization and sustainable consumption hotspots, CHIC will set up five sections and 13 professional exhibition zones, as well as a number of industry hotspot theme zones around national fashion and digital fashion. Nearly 1,200 exhibitors will present the fashion styles and brand attitudes of more than 1,600 brands, presenting a full picture of the ecology of Chinese apparel brands in the era of digital economy.

intertextile Spring/Summer Home Textiles Show will bring together nearly 300 home textile exhibitors from home and abroad to showcase the latest home products, with ten thematic display areas and six cluster pavilions.

As an important platform for trade, promotion and cooperation for the textile source industry, yarnexpo will bring together nearly 450 high-quality fiber yarn enterprises to exhibit new materials, new technologies and new products in seven professional exhibition areas, helping the industry to smooth and stabilize the chain from the source.

PH Value Spring/Summer Knitting Show, which integrates trade, technology, design and trend, is the most innovative and fashionable comprehensive exchange platform serving the knitting industry. It will bring together nearly 150 knitting brand enterprises to show the new trend of knitting fashion development.

Releasing Vitality

Industrial Ecology Breakthrough to Depth

In this spring, with the full recovery of the consumer scene, the significant improvement of the supply chain operation, and the continuous release of policy dividends to continue to boost market confidence, an industry enterprise, an industry cluster to take advantage of the momentum, promising. This year’s China Textile Federation spring joint exhibition, the strength of the famous enterprises gathered, small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in new, industry clusters group exhibitors, presenting a vibrant industrial ecology.

Advantageous industry clusters reappear, with excellent brands, advanced productivity to lead the industry to high-end. Shaoxing, Shengze, linen association pavilion, Haining, Huzhou, Shishi, Wangjiangjing, Pingwang, Xiqiao and other pavilions strength to appear in intertextile fabrics exhibition. Weaving, Xinji, Pinghu, Dandong, Haining, Wenshang, Yudu, Junan, Xintang, Jinjiang, Shaoxing and other “strengths” with strong manufacturing capabilities, especially the 11 city and state groups in Hubei Province will focus on the CHIC apparel exhibition.

The special industry clusters into the development of the fast track, in this spring joint exhibition to release regional potential. intertextile home textile exhibition, Nantong, Huzhou, Pujiang, China Woolen Association, Zhenze, Zhejiang Down Association six groups of exhibitors. yarnexpo yarn exhibition will be gathered Xinjiang pavilion, Dalang woolen pavilion, Sedeli pavilion and more than ten pavilions together to appear. In addition, PH Value Knitting Show will welcome six industry clusters, namely Puyuan, Dalang, Qinghe, Haiyang, Honghe and Chenghai, to show their advantages and characteristics with enterprise groups.

As a highly globalized industry, the textile industry in the past year exported a record high, cross-border e-commerce, overseas warehouse and other new business models for the industry ushered in a new wind. Since the New Year, the textile industry “to expand the market at sea” action, the industry’s confidence multiplied.

This spring joint exhibition, from Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States, Vietnam and other countries and regions of overseas exhibitors, as well as from overseas professional buyers, will debut, and the Chinese textile industry to carry out a long-awaited meeting communication and collaboration. China’s textile industry will also usher in this spring to establish a new image of textiles, and high-quality participation in the international division of labor and collaboration of the best time.

Overview of fashion

A journey of discovery

The five exhibitions will be viewed and planned. This spring joint exhibition will be resonating with hundreds of forums, seminars, matchmaking, shows and other exciting activities, stirring the future, so that the exhibition participants are immersed in a variety of topics and efficient business reached, to get a year of planning.

The intertextile fabric and accessories exhibition will hold dozens of events such as intertextile FORUM Textile Forum, the second climate innovation action strategy summit and China International Fabric Design Competition, etc. CHIC Apparel Exhibition will start an immersive industry journey with over 100 business forums, brand launch shows, business matching meetings and other exciting events. An immersive industry journey.

intertextile Home Textiles will focus on the changes and breakthroughs in the home textile industry, holding dozens of fashion trends, design competitions, hot forums, technical seminars and other activities, outputting value information from multiple dimensions. yarnexpo Yarn Show will hold China Fiber Trend Release, China Yarn Trend Release, Green Fiber Products Trusted Platform Launch, China Fiber Brand Linkage Creation PH Value Knitting Fair will hold special events such as the opening of Puyuan Museum, Digital Intelligence Qinghe, Dalang Preferred, the final of the 7th “Puyuan Cup” China Knitting Designer Competition and several brand release shows, as well as many professional forums to share with the industry. There are also several professional forums to share with the industry and show the new trends of the knitting industry.

Precise invitations, practical and smooth upstream and downstream links. The five exhibitions are synergistically linked to promote business matching. At that time, professional buyer groups and cross-border buyers from all over the world will come in groups: more than 100 professional markets, industry clusters and famous enterprise groups will be invited to visit the show; super buyer groups will gather first-line e-commerce supply chain buyers and trendy brand buyers; cross-border e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Jingdong Global Sale, Xiyin and Global Express will arrive at the show.

Face-to-face matchmaking sessions and online business matching sessions will help to match high precision: more than 100 1-to-1 business matching sessions will be held for exhibitors to customize “orders” and precisely match business, In addition, the “Online Business Matching Session for Overseas Buyers” will also welcome many buyers from more than ten countries and regions, such as the United States, Japan, Korea, Chile, Singapore, India and Bangladesh.

March 28-30, in this new starting point full of opportunities and challenges, China Textile Federation Spring Exhibition will gather the strength of the industry, and inspire the will of struggle, to take advantage of the momentum, determined to move forward, and write a beautiful chapter of the construction of modern textile industry system.